Zam Wesell
Side Pork Side
Equipment Grapling Hook
Locations Battle of Naboo
Rise of the Clones
Strength Weak(without power)
Average(with power)
Size Normal
First Level Appearance Battle of Naboo
Level P3-5
Zam Wesell can swing objects with her grappling hook, similar to Jar Jar Binks.


Zam Wesell has a grappling hook in her repertoire. This allows her to grab nearby objects and swing around them. The user must tap-to-aim the initial firing of the rope swing, then may tap again to release Zam.

Price In Watto's ShopEdit

  • Zam Wesell (10+) = 300 Coins
  • Zam Wesell (30+) = 550 Coins
  • Zam Wesell (100+) = 1200 Coins
  • Zam Wesell (Permanent) = 2000 Coins

Appearance (As Playable)Edit

Battle of NabooEdit

  • Level P3-5 (4x)
  • Level P3-6 (3x)
  • Level P3-7 (3x)
  • Level P3-8 (2x)
  • Level P3-9 (1x)
  • Level P3-13 (3x)
  • Level P3-17 (1x)
  • Level P3-18 (4x)
  • Level P3-19 (3x)
  • Level P3-20 (1x)

Appearance (As Target)Edit

Rise of the ClonesEdit

  • Level B4-1
  • Level B4-2
  • Level B4-3
  • Level B4-4
  • Level B4-5
  • Level B4-6
  • Level B4-7
  • Level B4-8
  • Level B4-9
  • Level B4-10
  • Level B4-11
  • Level B4-12
  • Level B4-13
  • Level B4-14
  • Level B4-15
  • Level B4-16
  • Level B4-17
  • Level B4-18
  • Level B4-19
  • Level B4-20 (Boss)

Rise of the Clones Side QuestEdit

  • Level B4-S1
  • Level B4-S2

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