Naboo Invasion
Levels 24 Bird Side
24 Pork Side
Episode 1
Next Episode Escape to Tatooine
Release Date September 19, 2013
Naboo Invasion is the first episode of Angry Birds Star Wars II with 24 levels per side and a total of 48 levels.

Bird SideEdit

Playable Edit

  • Qui-Gon Jinn (Level B1-1)
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (Level B1-4)
  • Yoda (Level B1-11)
  • C-3PO (Level B1-S1)
  • R2-D2 (Level B1-S2)


  • Red Naboo Guard
  • Yellow Naboo Guard
  • Captain Naboo Guard

Target BossEdit

  • Captain Naboo Guard in the Bird Ship

Pork SideEdit

Playable Edit

  • Jango Fett (Level P1-1)
  • Darth Sidious (Level P1-6)
  • Battle Droid (Level P1-12)
  • Droideka (Level P1-S1)


  • Battle Droid

Target BossEdit

  • 2 Battle Droids In the Pig Droid Tank


  • Bird Watcher (Find All Collectible Items In Chapter 1 Bird Side) Reward = Padme (5+)
  • Use the Force (Get 50.000 Points In Chapter 3 Bird Side) Reward = Gift
  • Path of the Jedi  (Complete Chapter 1 Bird Side)  Reward = 80 Coins
  • Hero of Naboo (Three Stars In All Chapter 1 Bird Side Levels) Reward = 150 Coins
  • Pork Side Opened (Open Pork Side) Reward = 100 Coins
  • Give In To Porkness (Get 50.000 Points In Chapter 1 Pork Side) Reward = Gift
  • Greedy Pig (Find All Collectible Items In Chapter 1 Pork Side) Reward = TIE Fighter Pilot (8+)
  • Path of the Sith (Complete Chapter 1 Pork Side) Reward = 80 Coins
  • Villain of Naboo (Three Stars In All Chapter 1 Pork Side Levels) Reward = 150 Coins

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