Master Your Destiny
Levels 15 Bird Side
15 Pork Side
Episode M
Release Date July 10, 2014
Master Your Destiny is Angry Birds Star Wars II Swap Episode. By that we mean you don’t start with a predetermined line up, rather you get to pick Swap or Telepod in the characters you want to fling.


Bird SideEdit

  • Beginner Jedi 
  • Jedi Youngling 
  • Jedi Initiate 
  • Jedi Padawan 
  • Jedi Apprentice
  • Jedi Knight 

​Pork SideEdit

  • Beginner Sith 
  • Sith Hopeful 
  • Sith Acolyte 
  • Sith Adept 
  • Sith Apprentice 
  • Sith Knight 


  • Beginner Jedi (Start the Bird Side In The Master Your Destiny Chapter) Reward = Gift
  • Beginner Sith (Start the Pork Side In The Master Your Destiny Chapter) Reward = Gift

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