Anakin Episode I
Side Bird Side
Equipment Podracer
Locations Escape to Tatooine
Battle of Naboo
Strength Normal
Size Medium
First Level Appearance Escape to Tatooine
Level B2-6
Anakin is the father of Luke , Leia and the lover and later husband of Padmé. He, just like Luke, is portrayed by Red. As a Podracer, he ties with his Pod Racer avoiding any obstacle until going to a target.


Anakin features a aloud racer, which can be directed in a relatively straight line toward a user-selected direction. Anakin himself will trail behind, swinging into blocks.

Price In Watto's ShopEdit

  • Anakin Episode I (10+) = 300 Coins
  • Anakin Episode I (30+) = 400 Coins
  • Anakin Episode I (100+) = 600 Coins
  • Anakin Episode I (Permanent) = 1200 Coins


Escape to TatooineEdit

  • Level B2-6 (3x)
  • Level B2-7 (3x)
  • Level B2-8 (3x)
  • Level B2-9 (3x)
  • Level B2-10 (3x)
  • Level B2-11 (2x)
  • Level B2-12 (1x)
  • Level B2-13 (2x)
  • Level B2-16 (3x)
  • Level B2-17 (3x)
  • Level B2-18 (2x)
  • Level B2-20 (1x)

Battle of NabooEdit

  • Level B3-5 (1x)
  • Level B3-12 (3x)
  • Level B3-20 (1x)